The MD-ALPHA data center is a planned Tier III data center located in Hagerstown, MD, which is located just outside the blast radius of Washington, DC. The property purchased for the project a 90,000ft2 (8,361m2) 3-story historic brick building located on a 4 acre (16,187m2) paved lot. This historic building has been converted to a mission critical data center supporting up to 2,000 IT racks. MD-ALPHA boasts 50,000ft2 (4,645m2) of rack space and a dedicated 24×7 support staff of on-site engineers, technical support, and security. The data center is designed for high availability colocation and managed IT services, including cloud computing. MD-ALPHA is equipped with multiple reliable, high-speed fiber optic connections and redundancy at every point in the power and cooling infrastructure. This high level of redundancy allows us to operate 24x7x365 uninterrupted.
dc3Due to our close proximity to the Washington, DC metropolitan area, the MD-ALPHA Data Center is strategically located next to major roadways to allow for easy access to our world-class mission critical services. Being outside the Washington, DC nuclear blast zone combined with our high availability infrastructure makes MD-ALPHA an ideal site for colocation, hosting, managed and cloud services. With built-to-suit and turn key services we can customize spaces from a single server to an entire dedicated sever POD. At MD-ALPHA, we are able to offer strict colocation to fully managed and cloud services.
Our flagship location is free and clear of seismic activity, distant from coastlines making our location free of natural disasters, as well as clear of the blast zone of DC. These factors allow us to provide uninterrupted service regardless of natural and other disasters.
  • Reliability – 100% SLA availability guarantee. We have invested heavily in redundant infrastructure to ensure absolute uninterrupted service.
  • Safety – Military grade cyber security protects all data in our facility.
  • Security – Multiple layers of top tier security to enter the building and all critical areas. These includebadge access, finger print readers, key pads, as well as 24x7x365 staffed security guards inside and outsidethe building.
  • Competitive pricing – Due to our highly efficient infrastructure and location, we can offer highlycompetitive prices that will beat any other competitor without compromising quality of service.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Fuel cell technology, green building materials, and energy-saving practices inside and outside the building.

Business Fact Sheet

MD-ALPHA Data Center, Inc.

Project Start-Up Cost:

  • Total project cost at start-up: $40,000,000
  • EB-5 Equity Investment: $15,000,000
  • Owner Equity Investment: $10,000,000
  • Third Party Equity Investment: $7,000,000
  • Bank Loan: $8,000,000

Project Net Income:

  • Year 1 Operations: $2.97 million
  • Year 2 Operations: $7.28 million
  • Year 3 Operations: $13.4 million
  • Year 4 Operations: $28.5 million
Projected Pro-forma figures. Refer to Business Plan and Private Placement Memorandum for details.

Project Return on Investment
(at year 4 of operations):

  • ROI based on dividends only: 31% (6%/annum)
  • ROI based on market value at $30/share‡: 2,900% (580%/annum)
Lowest of current market competitors: COR ($57), DLR ($77), DFT ($30)

Jobs Created:

  • 379.5 direct, indirect, and induced jobs
  • 12 jobs estimated per EB-5 investor

EB-5 Investor Exit Strategy:

  • Investor may exit after 5 years following the release of funds from Escrow.
  • Option 1: If MD-ALPHA Data Center becomes a publicly traded company, investor may liquidate shares at market value.
  • Option 2: If MD-ALPHA Data Center remains a privately held company, investor may sell shares back to company at market value.

If you are interested in joining this project, please contact us.